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Rank Math SEO plugin 2020 to get the top results on google.

The Rank Math SEO plugin is the number 1 best plugin of WordPress. If you have learned to use rank math plugin then you will be able to do 100% on-page SEO.

The features of the Rank Math SEO plugin are quite easy which are also easy to understand. You have to follow the guideline of its feature, the feature of this plugin gives the signal of green, when you do the task.

So let’s get started, what is the feature of Rank Math SEO plugin. And how to green it.

1. Add Focus Keyword to the SEO title. Rank Math SEO plugin

First of all, we will put our keyword in the title which you want to rank, just take a keyword for the example (Cashew online w180 500gm) This keyword is ranking in the top 10 results of Google’s first page. With the help of the SEO plugin. After doing this your first feature will turn green.

2. Add Focus Keyword to your SEO Meta Description. Rank Math SEO

Add your focus keyword to SEO Meta. As soon as you add this, your score will be 50, for example (54/100). And this feature will also turn green.

3. Use Focus Keyword in the URL. Rank Math SEO plugin

This feature will turn green when you insert your focus keyword into the meta description.

4. Use Focus Keyword at the beginning of your content. Rank Math SEO plugin

Use your focus keyword in the content you are writing at the beginning of the content. Look at the example carefully in the image below.

5. Content should be 600-2500 words long. Rank Math SEO plugin

This feature is the most important, for this, you have to write a good content of 400 words or 2500 words, but the quality of the content is better, you should not write the content on your own capacity by copying it anywhere, and not copying it from Google Translate Translate from, if you do this, then your post will never rank in terms of SEO, so you write content that is unique and worth reading.

If you copy and paste the content in your website, then your post may get ranked for a few days, but Google will catch it quickly because you have copied the copy from Google itself. Google’s algorithm is very strong. And this will make your website rank decree. The Rank Math SEO plugin is quite easy to use but you have to keep in mind the above-said things.

6. Use Focus Keyword in subheading (s) like H2, H3, H4, Et. Rank Math SEO plugin

Add subheading to the focus keyword, you wrote some content for the example, but you know who you wrote about. But you must have written the relative of a keyword, you can make your keyword H1, H2, Hiding, and paragraph can be made H4 or H5. So that your feature will also become green.

7. Add an image with your Focus Keyword as alt text. Rank Math SEO plugin

Use the image in your post, but here you have to take care that whatever image you use does not download from Google, you can buy the image from any stock image website. If your image is copyrighted then the rank of your website will fall. When you add an image, put your keyword in its alt text, and at least 3 to 5 images must be added.

8. Keyword Density is 0. Aim for around 1% Keyword Density Rank Math SEO plugin

You have to increase your keyword density to 1.75, so you have to write your keyword in content 8 to 10 times. Which will make the keyword density feature green.

9. Link out to external resources Rank Math SEO plugin

To make this feature green, you will have to copy and paste the link of your post on another website, so that your feature will also be green.

10. Add DoFollow links pointing to external resources Rank Math SEO plugin

What is a do-follow link. When traffic from a trusted website is lying on your website, it is called do-follow links, for this, you put a link to your website on any trusted website, which will make your feature green. And there is an advantage of this when someone clicks on that link, they will try it on your website, ie it will also bring traffic to your website. Hence there are great advantages of using the Rank Math SEO plugin.

11. Add internal links in your content Rank Math SEO plugin

To make this feature green, you have to copy the link to another post image below for a quote.

12. Your title does not contain a power word. Add at least one. Rank Math SEO plugin

To make this feature green, you have to add Word to your title so that this feature will also be green. This feature of Rank Math SEO plugin is very unique, let us see how to do it with the template like this keyword Let’s take it for example, what is the Power word in it. (Cashew w180 500gm Jumbo Cashew buy online, dry fruits nuts) You have to add three keywords to your keyword in a similar way.

13. Your SEO title does not contain a number. Rank Math SEO plugin

Use the number in your SEO title to make your feature green as well, let’s see how to do it (Cashew w180 500gm) You can see the number in this keyword, 180 or 500 is the number, so you Similarly, the number has to be used in the keyword.

14. Use Table of Content to break-down your text?

To make this feature green, you have to download a plugin whose name (Ultimate Blocks) is activated by downloading it, this will also make your feature green.

15. Add short and concise paragraphs for better readability and UX?

This feature will automatically turn green when you write a paragraph.

16. Add a few images and/or videos to make your content appealing?

This is the last feature of the Rank Math SEO plugin, for this, add an image to your content, adding an image will make this feature green but you should add three images for the least, which will increase your score. Thank you all for reading this article.

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